What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

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Re: What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

Since I didn't notice anyone else mentioning it, why not sell both cameras and buy a new 5D III body. That way you would have two identical cameras, and at one of your shoots you could have different lenses on the two bodies. This makes switching between lenses very fast and easy.

An other alternative is to sell the two cameras and consider something radically different as your second camera. For example, a much smaller camera such as an m43 or Sony model or some such would give you the option of having something more portable and less obtrusive, good for quick candid shots. I know people will say these small cameras have unacceptable quality for wedding work, but in careful hands they can do surprisingly well.


I still say we should have a vote and he must do whatever the outcome is. Otherwise he really needs to decide what's best for himself. I do like the idea of selling both but I'd recommend a 1dmk iv instead to address all those other undisclosed uses he would have.

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