More privacy restrictions or fair decision?

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Re: Learn some rudimentary law

In the US we have the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of the press. Courts in the US fear the "slippery slope" of restricting the First Amendment. The fear is that once we say that this one restriction is OK then we open the door to other restrictions that may not be as "reasonable". One Justice (I believe it was a Supreme Court Justice) said that free speech is needed to protect unpopular speech, not popular speech. We may not like children being photographed in public, but if we restrict that aspect of free speech (it's considered speech by the courts) what comes next? Will what comes next be as reasonable?

There have been cases in the US where government officials have asked news media to voluntarily not report something, but the final decision has been up to the media. I think that the media should respect people's privacy when it is not something newsworthy, but the decision should be up to the media. We as citizens and customers of the media can let them know that we would prefer that they respect people's privacy, but the reality is that there is a huge market for this stuff, and because of that this stuff will always find a publisher.

In the words of that great cartoon philosopher Pogo, "We have met the enemy, and he is us".

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