Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Re: Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

Wait till the camera is fast enough for snaps. The A7 and A7R shutterlag is too slow . They can only take a picture a quarter of a second AFTER you have pressed the shutter.

My 2005 Sony R1 takes a picture a 1/125th second after.

They are really only good for pics where the people dont move!! Studio stuff, weddings and landscapes, at a pinch.

You need to research more. But you dont want to have to buy again and again, so it is difficult due to the limited life of these things.

If you like small but want good and Sony, an a6000 with a Zeiss zoom 16-70 f4 OSS) might do the trick but its very expensive.

I'd buy what I have now. A Nikon D7100. Takes any old lens, is 24MP but has no low pass filter so looks better than 24MP, crops to a 15MP  for birding and sports, has excellent low iso image quality up to 400 and is light and fast-face recognition too and video.

Takes loads of old manual nikon lenses and all the super-duper new ones. I use an old 18-70mm f3.5-4.5 because it is sharp.

Wider than 18mm costs a lot more and usually 24mm or equivalent  wide is not as good on an SLR due to design problems.

I'm pleased with the results from mine and I have a D800 and used to use a 1Ds Mk i and MkII Canon full-frame.

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