Now DXO NR compared to Topaz (alternate WF)

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Re: NR compared Full sized (almost) large files

DxO is unbeatable with high ISO/dark shadow retention without smearing.

Certain other RAW converters are somewhat better at extreme blown-out highlights. But I find that Pentax RAW is underexposed anyway (especially compared to Nikon RAW). As such, I have almost never seen blown highlights in any of my Pentax bracketed photos (+1, 0, -1). Note that my settings are zeroed out with both my Nikon D800 and Pentax K-3 -- I would have expected that the +1 images would "tend" towards overexposure across a wide range of image types, but I have not experienced that. I would say that comparing exposure to exposure, Pentax images seem to be deliberately underexposed (perhaps to improve their reported JPEG ISO ratings?)

Notwithstanding, DxO Optics Pro takes such "underexposed" Pentax images and does a great job with them. You *DO* need to learn how to use the DxO adjustments and not blindly assume that "default" settings will provide an "apples to apples" comparison with ACR or any other raw converter.

As such, I don't draw much confidence in the images you have provided as a test. Sorry.


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