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cantanima wrote:

DANE7 wrote:

Well... Thats the problem I was having. I would adjust in post process and most people saw them dull or not bright enough!

My advice: don't try to make other people happy. Make yourself happy. Listen to others' opinions, sure, but only insofar as they point out real problems in your photos. If you don't agree with what they say, don't worry about it.

For instance, I suggested a couple of your second set of photos looked underexposed, and needed softer shadows. Honestly, if you like them as is, you shouldn't pay one whit of attention to what I say. And I stand by that as surely as I stand by anything I say here.

De gustibus non disputandum, as the Romans said... right before going out and disputare the gusti out of some foreign nation...

I agree that we shouldn't be slaves to others opinions of our pics and settings...except I don't think there was any risk of that to begin with!

If there's anything I've learned from this site (well, I've learned a lot, so this is slightly facetious), it's that when it comes to photography, there's always room for disagreement!

As for the OP, personally I love threads like this where people put up photos and ask for responses and try to tweak their settings. Even when people disagree about what they see (...like, um, always...) it's still really interesting and helpful to get that feedback--and to read that feedback.

JMO, but I wish people would do it even more often. It's so interesting to see the photos taken with "your" camera with a variety of situations and subjects and be able to -also- know the settings that were chosen. Where else can we easily do that?

When I bought the X-S1 I was worried that no one would ever be using it, talking about problems, settings, etc. Hasn't happened, fortunately --


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