Stupid things you do with your camera.

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Re: Stupid things you do with your camera.

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I just went out shooting today and realised I wasted 2 hours worth of shooting with my shots in ISO1600.

So what's your story?

When I first made the transition from film to digital back in 2006,I took my 5 year old grandson out for walk and took some unforgettable pictures. When I say unforgettable I mean I'll never forget the fact that I'd forgotten that my memory card was still in the card reader back home.

I've made that mistake, but fortunately, the shots I missed were just some test shots when trying out the camera. I found out pretty quickly since I was chimping and the shots seemed to disappear. I quickly found the menu item that disables shooting when a card is not in the camera.
- Bill

I was using a Canon 300d at the time and I can't recall if it had that option. If I was to say the most stupid thing I've done it's shooting jpeg for the first couple of years,what a daft mistake that was.

Well, shooting JPEG is not really a stupid thing as someone needs the quick shot. I also did that for couple of years but when you want more flexibility of your pictures, then you might go for some touching software, later you found you could get more benefits from shooting in RAW format.

It really depends on your target of the pictures and your purpose.

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