Pentax be or not to be?

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Re: Pentax be or not to be?

I bought a K-30 last year as I came off of a long hiatus from photography.  It is my first DSLR (I had always shot film before) and I am extremely pleased with it.  I have had several chances to play with the "competition" (Canon Rebels and entry level Nikons) and in my opinion there is no comparison. WR and in body stabilization were on my radar when I bought it, but the usefulness of the second control wheel and the excellent high ISO output were very pleasant surprises.

I say if you want a K-30 you should get one.  I don't think you will be displeased.  I cannot comment on the lens, as I prefer primes for general shooting and have gathered together a small collection, all bought used at very reasonable prices.

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