Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Re: Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

Northoceanbeach wrote:

i do know exactly what I want to do. Here's what I want to do:

take 70% landscape and nature

10-15% cities and architecture.

that says wide glass...

full frame sensor will allow you to use the huge selection of wide glass at it's designed focal length... however, a lot of those old lenses have issues with curvature, mold, interior dust, etc... but they are fairly cheap, and you'll learn a heck of lot by working with them.

flip side is, if i wanted a crop sensor for landscape and such, i'd start out with that killer little sigma 30mm, maybe the 10-18(?) zoom, etc... very very tempting... the full-frame version of that sigma is the old 24mm superwide II, or the 28mm miniwide II, both of which are plenty sharp, but they have field curvature problems on the sides... mount 'em on a crop sensor, most of the field curvature is out of the frame, but you've lost some native width, that the lens was designed for.

so it's not like there's no wide glass for the nex e-mount, you'll just have difficulty getting width out of the legacy glass, because it's mounted to a crop sensor.

Very very little sports except surfing, but only surfing if the waves and natural surroundings are the focus of the picture.

hard-core surfer here i've seen those shots of north o.b. but the conditions have to be perfect, which doesn't happen much up there... or anywhere else, really, lol

it's very difficult to find a good surf spot, that has good light, with a good swell.

gotta have a long lens.

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