Using Photos of Strangers?

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Quick question. I believe, but am not certain, that if you sell a photo with anyone in it you need to have a signed model release form from them along with some (often token) compensation.

... True. Look at it this way, an image stock agency will not buy your image without a signed release

So if you, for example, had a book with a photo in it of the Washington Monument with people in it who were identifiable but hadn't given signed consent, you couldn't use it, correct?

True. See above

I'm unclear on how news photographers, for example, often photograph people without any permission given or required. And--it's a different issue--but paparazzi take and sell photos of famous people without permission all the that's legal, but if you're not famous it isn't?

Paparrazi skirt the law and sometimes they get caught out. Recent case today -

Curious about the rules on this--when you can and can't use images of people for commercial purposes (for example as part of a photo at a trade show) without needing a release from them.

It is country dependent but the key point is - Commercial. If you take an image of people, generally, the law protects those people to a share of your gain. As I said, it is country specific

I take a lot of street images - None for gain - But, I am always careful that I have a tacit (verbal) agreement, even for posting on the web


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