Pentax be or not to be?

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Re: Pentax be or not to be?

You will find that the K30 is a very capable camera and it sounds more like a simple case of want to be convinced that your gut feeling or preference is right...???

My story is, that four + years ago, I did the research and wanted the Kx. In New Zealand, where I came from, i could not find a Kx in a local store for love nor money. The importer was not very good or aggressive. I was faced with the usual Canon or Nikon choices. I went for a Canon 450d, which was a good enough camera, but not until I finally bought a Kx on ebay, did I feel at home.

Now any of the Canon / Nikon's are fine cameras, you will get good results, so it comes down to your ability to take photo's, what camera feels good, if weather resistance is important and most importantly.........

Will you finally just be satisfied with a K30 in your hands because it's just what you really want??

There is nothing wrong with just wanting something and just getting it  

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