NEX 7 vs A6000

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Re: NEX 7 vs A6000

mike geier wrote:

What I said, and the point of this thread, IS THE A6000 is a STEP DOWN, not up.

Get real and don't be so defensive. I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just stating the facts as I see them

First of all, those are not facts, just YOUR opinions.

I am not saying you do not have the right to judge what is best for you and what is not....yet this is the first time I see posted here or in any review, blog anywhere else on the internet that the NEX-7 is "superior". Again, your opinion but keep in mind that many others think otherwise and I think you are being too picky about things that in reality do not matter, yet not observing the true upgrades of the a6000 over the NEX-7.

Build quality?.....I have held both an NEX-6 and NEX-7 in my hands and have used them. The a6000 is not your best built camera, not weather-sealed, but it is not a piece of crap either. To be honest, I can barely tell the difference between it and the NEX-7. What I do appreciate however, is that it is lighter and then again, nor the NEX-6/7 are weather-sealed, so then..???

Tri-Navi?....Without a doubt it was a great feature of the NEX-7. But then again, you have more custom buttons and options with the a6000, while still having a dedicated shutter speed rotating ring and aperture rotating dial.

JPEG sharpness....different imaging processor. Either way, this can easily be achieved with the a6000 by just adjusting the saturation, contrast and sharpness of the Jpeg's like you like them, as I am sure you had the picture settings setup in your NEX-7.

Those are the main cons you take a look at the upgrades with are undeniably better than the NEX-7.

EVF.....lower resolution? Yes in specs maybe, but for the life of me I can barely notice the difference and after a few minutes of using my a6000 I am completely satisfied. It is MUCH improved in low light with its refresh rate and the colors are more natural with a perfect combination of tone and contrast. The NEX-6/7 EVF made it frustrating to shoot in low light. Slow and full of noise.

AF + FPS......11 Fps now, with FULL AF tracking, PDAF 90% sensor. Not to mention, the AF system is blazinngggg fast. This trumps the NEX-7.

New Menu......NEX menu was probably the worst in the industry. Extremely disorganized, stuff was put in categories it was not supposed to be in. Then you had to select an option for viewing Stills only or just Videos. Horrendous. The new Alpha menu is light years better.

Grip....larger than both the NEX-6/7 and easier to hold with one hand. This is always welcome.

High ISO.....better than the NEX-7, and ranked the best high ISO performer out of all APS-C mirrorless cameras by Dxo, and top 3 regardless of camera category. Impressive especially for a 24Mp sensor.

Now take a look at those upgrades over the NEX-7, and note that the a6000 is a$649 camera.

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