Pentax be or not to be?

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Pentax be or not to be?

Hi everyone!

I have lurked around a lot on DP Review, learning from the pros, admiring the sheer versatility, range and breathtaking photographs on display, which has been inspiring, to say the least.

I am looking for some honest advice and would like to thank you for your suggestions.

For some time now, I have lusted after the K30, as compared to those from Canon/Nikon, considering its not crippled, is WR, has focus peaking, has exposure bracketing etc etc.

I have been saving up for some time and now faced with a dilemma. I have a choice of a Pentax k30 with 18-135mm WR kit lens @ $830 where I stay (India) and newer offerings from Canon / Nikon which are much less.

Features mentioned above, along with a good IQ, are important to me. Video ability, higher MP count available, not that important, neither is the availability of more lenses, because I might end up buying maybe one or two primes for macro and portraits, but not more.

I know that the K30 is an older model and is being replaced by the K500 now. Still like the looks and whatever I have read about the K30 in comparison. I have a hand me down Nikon D3100 which I am planning to sell off.

Given the situation, what do you guys think? Is the price too high? Should I go in for the K30 compared to recent offerings from Canon and Nikon at much lesser cost? (not comparing the features apple to apple, just the vintage).

Would really appreciate some advice on this, since I simply cant afford to go wrong with this purchase. From where I stand, its still quite a decent chunk of money.



Nikon D3100 Pentax K-30 Pentax K-500
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