A6000 Best Lens For Sports Photography

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Siobhan: yes, a 90-135mm F/2 sounds very interesting, even excellent

Siobhan A wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

Alohaman wrote:

Canon T4i with Canon EF 135/2.0 prime Good even for volleyball.

At this point, I still wouldn't use a mirror less for fast sports. AF may be fast enough (Oly OMD-E1) and there are a few long fast lenses, but for me these combos are a bit too lens heavy. My Canon combo is nicely balanced.

...that is quite different story = a6k is not quite as good with AF or so it seems, esp. in less than perfect light;

and there simply is no something like the 135L in entire E-mount lens line !!


but it won't be particularly small - to have f/2 with 135mm we would need min. 67.5mm entrance pupil (and if optically excellent IQ would be the goal - better still a 72mm)



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