IRAN, as seen with E-M5 Dramatic Tone and Monotone (IMGS)

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Re: IRAN, as seen with E-M5 Dramatic Tone and Monotone (IMGS)

For me a number of things come together in these photographs, some of which you mentioned.

They represent the opportunity to travel in an exceptional location at a time when photography is an option and people can be friendly (I have travelled to interesting places when having a camera meant you were considered a spy), your interest in and skill as a photography (for a long time I did not want to spoil the moment when visiting a special place by stopping to photograph it), and that you had good equipment with you. All of these things you created, made to happen.

But more than these, your images express your experience to us and are not just abstract documents or post card photos. They are part of your life there, the opportunity to be there, technical flaws and all- as you pointed out with respect to the wires across the landscape as you photographed the mountains from the car.

(Technically, apart from the variety of images and focal lengths, perhaps the fisheye contributes to this sense of experience, I need to think about this a bit.)

All these things together give us the gift of your trip in a very pleasant way both aesthetically and emotionally.

Thanks for that sharing.


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"We shoot the things that move us in ways that will move others." David duChemin

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