Stupid things you do with your camera.

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Re: Stupid things you do with your camera.

Lumixdude wrote:

I just went out shooting today and realised I wasted 2 hours worth of shooting with my shots in ISO1600.

So what's your story?

Two recent events come to mind.

With my brand my Panny FZ200 at an event, I noticed every shot I took had a greenish cast. Damn this viewfinder sucks, I thought (you can see the previews in the viewfinder in the FZ200 so no need to flip out the LCD). Later I found out I had the WB on tungsten.

The other was after a longish studio session, I spent the whole night doing photo editing (half asleep). When I woke up, I found out I processed everything using the JPG rather than the RAW files. I kept the JPGs however (just too much work to redo).

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