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Re: Good eye.

DANE7 wrote:

I use ACD PRO 6 for viewing but I opted to not change or edit any of the photos.

My thinking is that in the past I messed things up when trying to "Better" the photos and ended up

killing them, so I will concentrate on getting the best JPEGS (SOOC) I can get and then try the post

process part!


I'm not sure what your "???" means. If it's wondering about my comment about your photos not being SOOC JPEGs, try this the next time you take a photo. Copy it to your computer and then rename it slightly. For instance, if it's name is "DSCF1234.JPG" change it to "DSCF1234A.JPG" before using ACDC Pro to view it. Then copy the same photo to the computer and change its name to "DSCF1234B.JPG". Of course yours won't actually have "1234" as part of its name.

Then view only one of them using ACDC Pro and do all of the things with it that you usually do and then exit ACDC. If you then look at the two "A" and "B" versions of the photo, are they the same size? If not, then ACDC obviously changed it, and that might explain why your uploaded photos had such a tiny fraction of their EXIF data remaining intact. It looked to me like more than 90% of the EXIF information was stripped out. The EXIF data should have included the Dynamic Range settings, which is what I was interested in seeing. If the sizes are the same that doesn't necessarily mean that the files weren't changed by ACDC. The times/dates might have changed, but the only way to verify that the contents weren't changed would be to use a file utility to compare the file checksums, CRCs, MD5s, etc. which generate numbers that almost guarantee that no changes were made if the calculated numbers for each file is the same.

Alternatively, you could upload one of your photos (using DPR's upload tool) before using ACDC or any other app. to view it. If you do this, the uploaded photos should have their entire EXIF information included.

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