Coming from a 5d MKIII to D800E. Hi, a few quick questions...

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Coming from a 5d MKIII to D800E. Hi, a few quick questions...

Hi guys.

Im a landscape guy for the most part. I went from a 5d MK2, to a Sony A7 (with adapters and such to use my canon glass).

I sold the A7 due to a few factors, the biggest being sensor reflections. Its a known glitch, and it was really affecting a lot of my shots. So I decided to come back to DSLR.

I found an amazing trade plus cash for a like new 5dMKIII with a few lenses and the new radio flash system (the module plus 3 EX600 flashes)

Anyhow. I like the 5d MK3, BUT.... and a big but. I really liked the dynamic range on the Sony. My whole bag is HDR and processed images. I found I didnt need to HDR tons of my photos due to playign with the raw converter.

I loved that ability , and I want to pickup the infamous 14-24 with the D800E to make AMAZING landscapes!

Anyhow, the Canon and Nikon debate has been done to death, however there is one thing Canon kicks butt on, and thats the new radio based flash system...

Im not married to TTL, but I am curious about something. Could I still use those flashes manually?!

I would put the st-e3-rt on the Nikon and use it to control the flash powers manually. Would this work?!? Is this crazy?! I know I wouldnt get TTL and that, but I am ok using manual settings as that is what I am used to previously.  Im just curious if the Nikon shoe would send a "firing signal" to the transmitter to indicate a flash.

If not, I will sell those, and pick up an SB910 or something...

Im hoping to go with a 14-24 setup, a 50mm prime, and a 70-2002.8 setup on the D800E.

But my concerns right now are flashes. I do like to play with portraits!

Thanks for any help/suggestions/flash suggestions.

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