Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Re: Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

Aasmund G wrote:

While I appreciate your comments, I think it is fair to challenge the notion that APS-C is somewhat automatically better for beginners.

I don't think anyone is arguing that it's "automatically" better in every possible scenario. In this one, though...

You said you'd understand it if it were Nikon system we're talking about, but I think it's the exact opposite, it might be sensible with Nikon, but not here. The price difference between bodies is similar, but the majority of Nikon lenses are full frame and there's lot of affordable glass available - whereas most E-mount lenses are APS-C and all of the FF options are quite expensive.

Nor are there any indications that that situation is going to change, Sony is clearly trying to capitalize on the IQ with FE system and there's every reason to assume most if not all of the upcoming lenses to the foreseeable future will not be cheap.

I think a beginners camera should be most of all versatile, after all, they ARE beginners and something that can do it all is exactly what they need to find what - if any - is their thing in photography. And it's really hard to argue that A6000 is not a versatility king. It has all the same features, faster AF, more - and more affordable - native glass with reach advantage both in the wide, traditionally the stronghold of FF, AND tele end, and just as good with adapted lenses. And the IQ compromise is rather slight in non-extreme circumstances. What's not to like?

Even if you do get "unhappy" after a couple of years, that's a long time to think about what you liked and disliked about it, and what kind of shooting you did. And then you're much better off making a decision about what direction you want to go long-term.

The only kind of beginner for whom I can see FE system as the best choice is one who has enough disposable income to spend a thousand dollars on a lens without even blinking.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck it might as well argue for 5N or A5000.

I wouldn't have any qualms whatsoever about arguing for 5N. Why should I? It was, and continues to be a fantastic little camera and you won't find very many owners who would disagree. But seeing as how it's no longer in production, it's not very relevant. And as far as the successors go, NEX-5T doesn't exactly shine in the bang for buck comparison as it's only $100 cheaper than A6000, and you get a lot for that hundred bucks.

A5000 I think lacks potential for growth, which is something I agree with you that even a beginner's camera should have, since it doesn't have EVF or capability for adding one or an external flash unlike 5's.

I could very well imagine recommending A3000 for someone looking ultimate bang for the buck, though.

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