XS1 NewSettings, New sooc pics..C/C

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Re: Dane ...

Lisetta wrote:

Lloydy wrote:

... I don't have an XS1 so maybe it does behave differently.

Seems to me the colours are 'over cooked'. Read as over saturated.

Can you set the colour to mid-low, low ?

You think they need to go from "high" to "mid-low or even low"? If anything's needed re: dialing down color (I'm not sure that it is ) aren't there a few steps worth trying in between? I don't understand putting color to "low" at all.

See my just posted "Good eye." reply to you. I don't know if Lloydy was viewing the photos from the browser or not, but I found that after downloading the first two images, the colors indeed appeared 'over cooked'. Not so much 'cooked' viewing the images online using Firefox.

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