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Good eye.

Lisetta wrote:

Hi Dane,

The first one still has that "grayed" look to me; did you try bracketing exposure, maybe with average rather than multi metering? Maybe I'm wrong, but there's just something....

The first one looked dull to me too. I downloaded the first two photos and sure enough, the first one had a very compressed histogram with no dark tones and no highlights. This shot would have turned out better if it had been shot using DR 100%, but that might not have been enough. The second photo had a much better histogram, with plenty of tones ranging from bright highlights to dark shadows. The problem is, something has screwed up the images. When I use Irfanview to view downloaded photos, the main difference between what it shows and what I see from Firefox's rendition of DPR's presentation is much more detail from Irfanview, but the color is substantially the same.

This time for Dane's photos, both images are much brighter in Irfanview with the colors being gaudier, veering toward something approaching HDR excess. Also, almost all of the EXIF data has been stripped out of the first two photos, so these can't be SOOC images. Maybe a photo editor was used for viewing and then saving a copy to be uploaded, but it unknowingly applied some default changes to the images as soon as they were loaded?


Anyway, the rest look beautiful--your colors really "pop" What settings did you change?

Yes, very nice, except for the first.

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