FE 35mm F2.8 vs Voigtländer 35/2.5 with A7R for street photography

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Re: FE 35mm F2.8 vs Voigtländer 35/2.5 with A7R for street photography

Gabor Esperon wrote:

nathan wrote:

looking for smaller lenses. and a great bokeh of 35/1.2 - i really not so need for such kind of shooting.

What about the Biogon 35mm f/2 (Zeiss) ? It is shorter and a lot lighter than the Voiglander... That would be my second choice.

If you shoot wide-open at f/2, the Voigtlander 35/1.4 handles edges better on the A7 than the Zeiss ZM 35/2.0. On the A7r both further degrade the edges, when used wide open.

Both lenses also suffer from sensor light-reflections on the A7. The A7r seems to have it to, but to a  milder degree. You can under-expose to mitigate this some, but this brings up noise levels.

With the FE35/2.8, you loose a stop of light, but you have much less sensor reflections.

The Voigtlander 35/1.2 is just too big (Why not consider Mitakon's 50/0.95 lens?). The Voigtlander 35/2.8 seems worse than the 35/1.4 at the edges (considering only f/2.8 and up).

If on the A7, I would consider CV35/1.4 versus FE35/2.8. then it is about two stops of light.

If on the A7r, I would consider ZM35/2.0 versus FE35/2.8, then it is about (center) sharpness and SW corrections. The ZM's center sharpness (and micro-contrast) is legendary.

The sensor light-reflections are very visible on the CV35/1.4 at times. I have not taken the ZM35/2.0 out at night yet, but I expect the same. The FE35 does not suffer from the same reflections.

Also, the CV35/1.4 has nicer OOF rendering (bokeh) than the ZM35. The FE35 just feels like a 'stopped down' lens. Of course, longer FL's are better for this anyways.

f/2.8 is not all that bad if you bump the ISO, at the street at night, keep this in mind.

Rendering wise, I like the CV35/1.4 for (close) people subjects, and the ZM35/2.0 & FE35/2.0 other subjects.

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