NEX 7 vs A6000

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Re: NEX 7 vs A6000

mike geier wrote:

As close as I can tell, Alpha 6000 is not as good as NEX 7 except in very low light. JPEG results not as sharp, Viewfinder is not even close and build doesn't compare. back the a6000 goes, I'll wait for the NEX 7 replacement

Mike, can you place side by side pictures, preferable developed from RAW using same slider settings?

Sony did work on the JPG engine, and you may have set up your Nex-7 in a way that you like, but may need to adjust your A6000 to achieve similar results. I find that even (neutral) JPG are better processed in post-edit tools, than in-camera optimization, but ymmv.

The viewfinder is lower-resolution, and lower magnification, but should be easier to view edge-to-edge, and should not go as grainy as quickly as the Nex-7's viewfinder under low-light. From a shooting experience, the A6000 seems to be preferred by many, unless you only shoot under bright daylight - then the Nex-7 is better. Even MF shooters seem ok with the A6000 resolution.

Based on (sensor) reviews so far, the A6000 should match the Nex-7 in per-pixel details and response curves. There is speculation about this in similar to the Nex-6 versus Nex-5N debate (PDAF cells that require compensation and therefore would degrade the image IQ), but this factor was deemed very low. Yet, we see the uncompromised sensor in the A7r with no PDAF cells

For me, the A6000 really replaces the Nex-6, and it seems to be on par, with extra Mp that would help. The Nex-7, as wonderful as it is, is a compromised camera: it handles WA RF lenses poorly, hits lens-resolution earlier (as A6000 does too), lacks WiFi and PDAF. I can't compare until next week, it seems, (in US), but I wonder about RAW noise. The Nex-7 is noisier than the Nex-6 and at higher ISO in low light, the Nex-6 is preferred. I hope that the A6000 at least delivers Nex-6 like responses, even if it requires down-sampling of the image.

As to a Nex-7 replacement, this is a big question. Per product line-up, there is currently a significant gap between a $1,700 A7 and a $650 A6000. But whether this will be filled with an A6 (A7 with APS-C sensor), or a A7000 (as Nex-7 replacement) is anyone's guess. I am convinced that even Sony does not know, and the A6000 already being nicknamed A6k is not making things any easier for them

I see this "A6" as simply using the A6000 APS-C sensor in the A7 housing, but there may be some resistance to this from a marketing perspective.

I see this "A7000" as a A6000 with a higher resolution sensor, expect 32Mp inside, and possible again with low-light compromises. It will enhance the Nex-7 in terms of IQ, but it may limit your lens options at the same time.

Back to you - why not consider the A7 as a Nex-7 replacement? Both are 24Mp, and are fairly similar under bright light. Under low light, the A7 easily runs ahead. The A7 has tri-navi, more controls and the newer (SLT/RX) UI menus.

If not, I'd suggest to pick up a discounted Nex-7 (used or new) as backup camera, just to have one ready for a longer period.

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