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Bmoon wrote:

Doctor Lecter wrote:

Just wanted to get some of my fellow Olympians opinions on a subject that bothers me. I do a lot of freelance work (writing/music/photos) and spend time scanning Craigslist "creative" ads for quick, local gigs.

Inevitably, a TON of the photography ads will say things such as:

"Looking for second shooter for wedding. Must use at least a Canon 5D"

or "photographer needed to shoot X,Y, and Z.. must have a full-frame DSLR, such as the Nikon D800.."

This just bugs the sh*t out of me. You can't explain to these people that the camera does not make the photographer. This seems to apply only to photography. No one says, "looking for guitarist for small wedding ceremony... MUST use at least a Martin or Taylor acoustic.."

So many people have been duped by the "Full-Frame Machine," including photographers.

Any thoughts??

Often times these people have requirement that are needed low light, DOF, lens compatibility, software workflow (custom camera profiles for a desired look) and resolution requirements

why is this something that would get your panties in a knot over ?

Two possibilities IMHO:

* If the requirements are stated for specific technical purposes, like the ability to swap lenses or flashlights etc or RAW workflow, then I would understand it and move on.  But in that case the ad would not say "A(ny) FF SLR" but it would state the need for a specific brand.

* If the requirements are stated out of ignorance about the possibilities of different systems, then I would also move on because I would not want to work with such single-minded persons and I have no desire nor time to educate them.

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