Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

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Re: Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

William Curtindale wrote:

I guess I'm an old stuck in the mud and will never get out of that mode.

When I order a new $2000 lens I always add a T* filter to the order and install it when the lens is received.

I am fortunate to enough to have all high quality lenses that suite my photographic needs and I have a T* filter on each.

I have used T* filters on all my lenses way back from the days when Hasselblad introduced T* coatings. At that time I did a research project to analyze the capability and affect of T* coatings. If I remember correctly, the T* coating thickness was equal to one third the length of green light wave length and would greatly reduce refraction / reflections inside the lens. The signal of light passing through T* coatings would cancel unwanted characteristics and retain contrast.

I know modern lenses have coatings to handle these things but I am still stuck on using a T* filter (maybe too bad for me but that's it).

Oh, yes I have had an occasion where the filter has saved the front lens element.

Hi William!  What is a T* filter?  Is it a Tiffen?  Sorry for my ignorance.

For those of you in the know, what is the best filter to purchase?  I may splurge for my better lenses.  So far I only have Tiffens.

Did any of you test and confirm?  I tried my beercan 70-210 w/ and w/o my Tiffen and it seems to be the same.  I need to test my large beercan, but as I recall I didn't like it much because it wasn't sharp.  Hopefully this will fix the problem.


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