Stupid things you do with your camera.

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Re: Stupid things you do with your camera.

Lumixdude wrote:

I just went out shooting today and realised I wasted 2 hours worth of shooting with my shots in ISO1600.

So what's your story?

Back in film days, my first camera was my father's 35mm half-frame film rangefinder camera. Observing its inner workings, I noticed it appeared to be "slipping" when I wound the film advance. Thinking this was a mechanical problem (i.e., that the film wasn't advancing properly), I applied a bit of super glue to the part that didn't seem to be moving when it should. The result? I got only 36 frames (every other shot on the roll) with my half frame camera, and couldn't rewind the film, either. A roll of pink pictures after I had to open the back to get the film out!

Removed the glue after that and the camera worked fine again.

I do mostly outdoor shooting. Once I did a shoot of an indoor flower show that my wife was writing a piece for. Hundreds of pictures. All shot in "Daylight" WB, with a nice green cast which then needed to be color corrected. Ack! (At least I shoot RAW + JPEG!)

Now I leave my cameras on "Auto" WB all the time.

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