Gear advice needed (Zoom lens in the 50 to 200-300mm range )

Started Apr 16, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Gear advice needed (Zoom lens in the 50 to 200-300mm range )

Firstly the 50-200 is generally accepted as being not quite as good as the 55-300 and it lacks the extra 100mm. I own the 55-300 and always loved it for entry level wildlife work and always seemed to produce consistent results throughout the range. The image quality / price ratio is excellent.

It depends what your trying to photograph as to why you need the extra 100mm unless it's wildlife, then definitely. But leaving the wide angles at home one day, using the 50-200 and going out and spend the day shooting with it to tighten up on some of your shots, getting different perspectives can be fun, interesting and rewarding.

I think Sigma represents good value, but don't have experience with their larger 300mm lenses, but I believe that it would be pretty close and some of their higher spec models would be better IQ. Looking at good second hand glass may yield better value.

The other thing to consider if your looking at sport of birding, that the latest 55-300 is weather resistant, unlike the Sigma's, if that's a consideration.

Pentax have the 60-250mm, but it's upper end and out of your budget range??

The 55-300 should not be that much more expensive than equivalent Sigma.

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