Focal Reducer Question

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Re: Focal Reducer Question

Digitalize wrote:

I saw on another thread, talk of a focal reducer for e-mount cameras. I have a a6000 on order, and was wondering if these things really are that great? Manual focus only? Can anyone recommend a a-mount to e-mount focal reducer? I have a few Minolta lens that might be fun to try on the a6000 when I get it.


I have the zhonghi one. I find it very useful. It does help in low-light, not by the whole stop they claim but maybe by 2/3 stop.

The biggest pro for me is that it doubles up your FLs. So 2 lenses + reducer + dumb adapter can give you (for example, in 35mm equiv):
24mm (ish)
50mm (ish)

I've never encountered the "blue spot" thing. There is distortion at the edges but nothing i've ever felt the need to correct for real-life photos.

I recently converted to an EVF and i've used my speed booster and MF lenses much more since i did that. Results doing manual focus on the LCD left me unimpressed but i've now realised i was just missing focus

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