Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Quick 'n' Dirty Comparison: EXR raw vs. D80 raw

This is a fairly good comparison of the older APS-C 10MP CCD and X10 2/3" sensors using a livingroom scene with a view to the outdoors. Granted, our Wisconsin weather is crappy today and nothing is growing yet, outside. But I set this shot up with obvious dark shadows and bright daylight, albeit through a window pane. It's a sufficiently broad-ranged situation to clip both shadows and highlights though.

ISO 400 manual exposure is 160th sec. at f/2.5 in both cameras. The X10 raw are both set at DR400. I'm posting the M Size and L Size jpegs after raw conversion in-camera, with highlights and shadows pulled as soft as possible. Granted, some stand-alone editors could probably do better than this. But it's what I have to work with, as I'm an Aperture 3 user and that's out of the question for raw conversion.

The Nikon D80 sample is shot at identical ISO, shutter and aperture. Given the larger sensor, depth of field is much shallower. It's not a pretty picture. I've used ViewNX2 raw conversion, employing enhanced D Lighting at 30 on the slider, with WB adjusted to sunlight.

What I'm seeing is better highlight retention in X10 M size over both L size, and the D80 sample, and that is a surprise. Unfortunately the camera focused beyond the window in the first sample, so the indoor part is OOF. On my Aperture viewer the D80 final jpeg sample shows less highlight clipping than either X10 final jpeg file, although unfortunately the background foliage details are lost because of the shallow depth of field from the larger sensor. But the sample doesn't look as good as either X10 samples to my eyes. I really was expecting something else. My conclusion: the operator is the variable this time.

X10 L size raw with maximum in-camera highlight and shadow softening

X10 M Size with maximum in-camera highlight and shadow softening

D80 with ViewNX D Lighting adjustments to remove clipping (histogram tapering to both ends)

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