Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Re: Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

cxsparc wrote:

Your pics look great, except the one of man on the bridge with blown highlights on face and hands, but could also be my phone LCD. Don't know what you feel you are lacking with Nikon, the a7 is far from perfect also 😉

in films date, every body who wanted to upgrade had to go FF

A7 is not perfect but the best flexible camera I have ever own.

I don't think buying an intermediate system is a ggod Idea if you want to upgrade another time in 2 years. You'll have to change all your lenses except if you buy only FF lenses.

If you do sport or birding, OK for A6000, but nothing to do with "beginner"

I sold my D700 to buy the A7 ( had it for 5 years), and even if I don't shoot sport ( D700 was always set on continuous 3fps, and A7 on continuous 2.5fps), I find the AF on par with D700 which is a reference.

tracking is not it's speciqlity, but acquiriring is fast and acurate.

in PDAF mode, its around 0.1-0.15s,

indoors correct light, PDAF works great too, and when CDAF, ~0.4s

in very bad light, it needs aroud 1s, but very difficult to put AF in fault.

just it needs something with vertical contrast, or matrix contrast to focus, horizontal contrast doesnt help.

I really have no problems to AF indoors, and if exceptionnally it fails, MF adjust is so easy.

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