Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: EXR versus X-Trans, or X10 vs X20

DMillier wrote:

One explanation for your results might be that the EXR technology doesn't work for X10 raws, only for X10 jpegs - but if this is the case  1. It would be really stupid 2. You'd need to explain why X10 6MP DR400 files are as big as 12MP files...

Another explanation is that I was using Silkypix for the RAWs which, as someone pointed out, meant that the X10 image was processed from the second, under-exposed frame only.

I just processed using Elements 11 (Adobe use both frames, good for them!) after converting the X20 image to DNG. The lowlight results are now almost indistinguishable, except that there is probably ever so slightly more noise from the X20 since it is at ISO200.

Haven't got time to upload processed images.

Nonetheless it still demonstrates the point that EXR Hardware has no real advantage over EXR Software.  Tne one disadvantage is in the processing requirements.

When you look at the OOC JPEGs there is still a slight but definite advantage for the X20.

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