24,000 Clicks on my K3, and still no Mirror Flop. What am i doing wrong?

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Re: Comments gone? What am I saying so wrong?

DRabbit wrote:

howieb101 wrote:

Well I think it really is a matter of balance. If Broken Hill has a fully working camera he has as much right to say this as a person who has a camera with mirror flop.

Poking fun at people who have had a problem, no matter how you slice it, isn't a very nice thing to do. At the very least, the OP was intentionally being snarky because he obviously has nothing better to do.

It seems that some people with the mirror flop are extrapolating their experience to every single K3 ever made and this is annoying the people with perfectly working (thus far) K3's.

I know I've said at least several times that I don't pretend to know that all K3s suffer from the issue. But neither does anyone else know whether they aren't effected. All they can say for sure is they haven't been effected YET. I actually hope there are users who never have the problem. However, I also hope Pentax can figure out what is causing it so that it doesn't keep happening in future models.

As I said in the other thread, based on anecdotal evidence from a repair centre in Australia the reported numbers on the web are not matching experience in the service centre, at least not yet.

Pretty sure I replied to you there as well... and I can't speak to whether those numbers are accurate or not. I'm under the distinct impression that Pentax has a lot more reports of this issue than they are letting on about... and it's quite reasonable to think there are at least a number of cameras with the issue that never go in for repair, are exchanged without a word, or the user simply keeps it because they hope it won't happen again. But I will admit, while some of that assertion is based on my communication with them, some of it is also just a hunch.

I agree that it does seem to be an issue. Its more a case of how big an issue it is.

And there, you and I agree. And we are never going to know unless Pentax decides to be transparent about it. Without pressure from their users, they never will be.


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Excellent points, all, Amy.

I've not yet had any of the issues some have reported, including mirror flop. But you're right. That doesn't mean I won't. It's like someone saying they don't believe other folks have heart attacks because they've never had one... Well, not everyone ever will. Many will die another way having never had one. But some will have one and then know of what the others spoke. Saying you don't believe something just because YOU haven't experienced it is just... silly... or mean.

I think there are often issues with QC when a new model of something comes out, as well, and SOME will come off the assembly line with NO issues and never have a problem during their lifetime, while others will have one issue or another, or even multiple issues. This could have to do with QC issues for which nobody knew or thought to check for because they didn't anticipate them, such as maybe mirror flop. I don't know. I don't follow any of the other forums, so I have no idea if some users have some issues with new models by CaNikon, Sony, etc., as well, but they may.

I DO know that when the K-5 first came out 3.5 years ago there were a few issues that drove some folks nuts... something called "sensor stain" was a big one. I wasn't aware of that until well after I bought mine, reading about it in this forum, as I didn't decide to finally jump "off the bridge" into DSLR until July 2011, and by then the K-5s "sensor stain" issue had apparently been well worked out. Maybe a few months from now, the same will be true for whatever issues some of us are having with the K-3. I certainly hope so. And I hope you get yours working right, or a new one that does.


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