What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

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Re: What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

crashman55 wrote:

I shoot weddings, and a little bit of everything else that i can.

I kept my 7D. I would think for you it's about how much "everything else that I can" is of your overall shooting. I don't do weddings or much with people, but mostly landscapes, outdoors, and interiors. But I have a son in a major rock band and need the reach too. Normally though, the 7D has my 100-400 mounted on it and my 5Diii has the 24-105 on it. I've sold off all but one non-L EF-S lens, and the 7D is my "long reach" and backup. Sometimes I do carry both cameras, but more then half the time, I just carry the 5Diii and a variety of lenses. All my non-L lenses of course, are also usable on both cameras, and at times my 70-200 f/2.8 L v2 gets passed back and forth between the bodies depending on needs for reach. Also, I prefer the 100mm macro on the 7D vs 5Diii.

Hope this helps.


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