Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: X10 versus Nikon D200

DMillier wrote:

Absolutely! I'm confident in my claim that the 6MP mode of the X10 matches my old 6MP D100 for detail. Did enough shots to demonstrate that to myself. At the moment I'm starting to test the resolution difference between the X10's 6MP and 12MP modes. That work in not complete yet to my satisfaction so although my preliminary view is that there is not much difference, I haven't yet done enough to be completely convinced.

When I finished this work, I'll try and work out a way of testing whether ISO 100 DR400 in 6MP mode has any advantage in DR over ISO 100 DR100 (in raw). Until then, I'm not claiming anything factual. The DXO reference was a throw away line just to say that acknowledged authorities recognise that DR improves with newer sensor generations. They did not test 6MP EXR mode at all, only 12MP mode.

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I'm back in to respond to your question, re: the D200 sensor.  It is a 10MP CCD.  I have the D80 which has the same sensor as the D200. Once again, from my personal use with both, my D80 exhibits a higher actual native ISO than does my X10. The DXO comparison of these two cameras bears this out. My X10 shows more contrast at the same scenes, clipping highlights especially, much earlier. Using M Size ISO 100/DR400 puts the X10 closer, but as Trevor demonstrated very capably above, it's not up to the D200/D80 sensor.  Do you accept Trevor's side-by-side comparisons? Just asking.

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