A7r + FE55 I get a whole lot of fringing, is this normal?

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Re: A7r + FE55 I get a whole lot of fringing, is this normal?

Maybe some people want to have a small DOF with back lit situation. Personally I love rim lighting with shallow DOF. I don't see why this was so harshly criticised here.
Maybe it does test the limits of lens and sensor system but I find Sony's apparent* lack of CA correction in their Image Data Converter  software a bit surprising when it appears so easily in (perhaps extreme conditions) with their top end camera and lens.

I expect the camera maker to offer the best raw converter for their system, after all they know how it works better than those who have to reverse engineer it...?

In answer to the original question I have found similar purple and some green fringing also.
Reminds me of my last century's Canon Pro90 IS camera.
Reading the varied replies makes me wonder if  some copies truely are less prone.
(* correct me if I have missed this correction in their raw converter)

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