Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: EXR versus X-Trans, or X10 vs X20

Trevor G wrote:

The above is RAW. Silkypix predominantly uses the second, shorter exposure. In fact, except at very low shutter speeds, I cannot see when the first frame is used.

Hence the noise.

It would be interesting to extract the two images separately, and see if a different technique would achieve a less noisy result. I have sometimes (not always) gotten better results than Fuji this way, which means probably better than Silkypix. Would you mind sharing the Raw file?

I can post both RAW frames - I believe I have done this already but will check.

I don't want the frames; I want the original Raw file. I can extract the frames (anyone can; in fact I think I learned it from you, or perhaps from the other guy whose name I can't recall at the moment). If you can post the X20 raw, too, I'd be grateful.

Bear in mind that the lowlight results from JPEG are much, much worse.

I would expect that.

I don't doubt that the X20 has a better sensor for low light than the X10; I've read quite a lot about recent improvements in sensor technology in that regard. However, taking one low-light shot & improving the S/N ratio using software alchemy, or combining several short, low-light exposures using software alchemy, and combining one short exposure in good light with one longer exposure in good light using software alchemy, are all very, very different things, with lots of options for how to combine, etc.

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