Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Slow down, beginner

Northoceanbeach wrote:

I'm a beginner. I bought a nikon j1 and three lenses four months ago. I would like to upgrade

Unless your finances are such that you don't bother picking-up a $20 bill that falls out of your wallet, this is nuts. I wouldn't have suggested that a "beginner" start with 3 lenses. You need to figure-out what you really want to do with a camera and lenses before you start buying piles of equipment.

is it [the A7] really that good?

Yes, it is -- but so is your j1. They're good at different things. Image quality, especially in tough circumstances, on the A7 will blow away your j1. However, your j1 can deliver good enough image quality for most purposes and your entire j1 kit might be smaller than a telephoto zoom lens for the A7 (or any other full-frame camera). There are many more subtle differences. It's also true that an A6000 will produce nearly the same image quality as an A7 unless you're shooting in very dim light. Just keep in mind that higher image quality doesn't necessarily mean you'll make "better," more interesting, photos -- that's mostly a function of your skill in using the equipment you have. A beginning painter doesn't suddenly become da Vinci by buying a better canvas and a set of really expensive paint brushes.  

My point is that you should get comfortable enough with the equipment you have so that your future gear choices can be based on enabling you to make the photos you want to make. While you're still calling yourself a beginner and have recently purchased so much equipment, I don't think you're ready to make an intelligent decision about what other camera equipment would be better for you. Make a lot of photos and think about what you really needed the camera equipment to facilitate the kinds of photos you wanted to make but couldn't... then buy the equipment that can best help you make such photos.

Incidentally, try manual focus on your j1 too. I know it's awkward on the j1, but the joy of well-supported manual focus on the Sony cameras is a large part of why many of us no-longer-beginners like Sonys. You might or might not want the extra control manual focus gives you, but it's something you want to know, because it dramatically changes things like lens choices.

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