Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: EXR versus X-Trans, or X10 vs X20

DMillier wrote:

So, what I am expecting is that if use my X10 in 12MP mode I will get more detail and in 6MP mode I will get 2 stops of extra DR exactly like I get with the S5.  I intend to verify this by testing. My initial testing suggests you don't really get that much extra detail when using 12MP mode.  It looks to me like the difference between say 6MP and 7 or 8MP, not the full 12MP.  It's early days but if this holds up across tests it wil be:  1. Slightly disappointing  2. Mean there is barely any point to the 12MP mode.

You have the results of your test already, above.

Surely if the EXR Hardware method worked there would be some way to show a substantial 2EV difference between the two images?

Surely if EXR did anything it would be possible to see that compared against an identical size non-EXR sensor?

I know it's hard to believe after all the hype about EXR hardware, but it literally does nothing that cannot be achieved with EXR software.

Of course, at this point I've done no testing of whether 6MP gives the promised +2 stops of DR.

It does, but so does any other camera using EXR software techniques.

All my comments refer to raw shooting, I have no interest in jpeg performance as I never shoot jpegs.

There is absolutely no advantage if using RAW with EXR Hardware, since all that happens with most processing software is that the second, shorter duration, under-exposed frame is used.

In other words, the RAW result is exactly the same as shooting at -1 or -2 EV.

If using JPEG you get a slight retention of some highlight information.  The extra 2EV is squeezed into the upper 0.5EV of image information, which means you lose most of the detail in low contrast, washed out colours.

It really is a kludge, a non-event.

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