Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Re: Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

Aasmund G wrote:

You can use any APS-C lens on A7, so in that sense they are as native on A7 as on A6000 (albeit with lower resolution)

You might have something if you were talking about A7r, but here the resolution hit is MASSIVE. It makes absolutely no sense to use A7 with APS-C lenses.

- Slightly lower price

It's less than half the price. That's hardly "slight" by any sane definition. And not just in relative terms, a thousand dollars is a lot of money for many people. You get a lot of lenses for that, which goes a lot further than minor difference in potential between bodies that a beginner probably wouldn't even know how to exploit.

- Faster AF under certain conditions (probably most, I dont know)

All, really.

A7 advantages:

- Vastly better legacy lens compatibility

Say what? You can use all the same legacy lenses on both cameras. Plus the couple of Nikon and Canon APS-C lenses on A6k.

It could even be argued that, given the possibility to use both speed boosters and glassless adapters the A6000 has twice as many legacy options available since every lens can double as cropped or the 35mm equiv FOV.

- Much cleaner output with most lenses


There are reasons to do either, but the notion that if you are a beginner you are better off with the A6000 argument is to me strange.

The notion that a beginner needs to spend two thousand dollars on a camera to enjoy it is beyond strange to me, it's nothing short of absurd.

As for me, I think the regular, clean, crisp, output that full frame gives with the majority of lenses in most circumstances is a pleasure. I never got that out of either my D40 or D5000 (both providing smudging of details even with top notch lenses at screen level viewing) maybe somehow the A6000 is better, but I would be surprised if most lenses really that level of sharpness.

So you had a bad experience with some Nikon bodies 8 years ago, therefore APS-C sucks. Got it.

Judging by the available side-by-side comparisons, I'd say most people would be hard-pressed to see ANY difference in sharpness below ISO6400 or so at "screen level viewing", unless you use that term differently from everyone else and mean what others call "pixel peeping".

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