Here We Go again!!! AMAZON X-S1 @ $349,00 Once again!!!

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Re: Here We Go again!!! AMAZON X-S1 @ $349,00 Once again!!!

Alltronic wrote:

Amazon just posted the new Price for the X-S1 at US$349,00 once again. Either they got a new bunch of 34Axxx new Cameras or their Strategy to help the new Fuji S1 sales went south??. What do you Think?.

Assuming rampant speculation is still allowed I'll bet it's just an automated algorithm that adjusts the price based on some stupid formula.

My wife is Russian. A few years ago, I tried buying her tickets to visit her family with Delta. The price from Atlanta to Moscow direct was something like $2400, from Atlanta to Moscow via New York was $1500 or less.

OK, so I look at the price from New York to Moscow: $2400. From New York to Moscow via Atlanta was $1500 or less.

Surely this couldn't be right: there's more fuel consumed in the one-stop than in the direct flight. So, I called up Delta & asked, and they confirmed the prices. I asked if I could buy the ticket from NY to Moscow via Atlanta & just show up in Atlanta & they said that was not allowed. I wrote a letter pointing out how stupid this was & received a polite letter back saying that they arrive at their fares through careful consideration of cost & such other nonsense.

So I ended up buying a ticket with Aeroflot, not because we like them (we don't, not especially) but because at least their pricing scheme doesn't look like it was designed by a guy drunk on vodka -- unlike Delta's.

Last I checked (earlier this year, I think) Delta still has this stupid, stupid pricing scheme for the same flights. I avoid them if at all possible.

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