Lesson 2 and some images from the National Botanical Garden

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Lesson 2 and some images from the National Botanical Garden

Lesson learned 2:

MoreGooderPhotos started a popular thread, Enjoying your trip vs going on photography expedition. Well, I enjoyed my trip which included a photographic expedition. That, however, was not the best of choices. I have to say that most of the time my wife was supportive of my taking 31 gigs worth of images. But, there were times that my obsession caused some strain. Believe it or not, I did back off and directed my attention to her and shared the sight-seeing experience with her often. 31 gig happens fast when most of the images are max res, RAW-JPG shots (very little video). There were times, though, that Muriel felt alone as I got absorbed in the photography process; like at the fireworks which was a complete wasted effort. I didn't get any keepers to my taste. It was too dark to find my buttons; the fire works came too quickly to make adjustments; I was aware of Muriel's unhappiness with my distraction so I hurried too much; I left the tripod at the motel because we were out for the full day on foot and it's an extra large old Bogen (better for studio, too heavy to carry around very long); and the monopod was only partially useful. (I need an editor to fix that last run-on sentence!)

Bottom line - at least in part, our vacation was compromised by photograph and my photography was compromised by my vacation. In the future, on "us trips" I will limit photos to snapshot the that we both want for memories (ok, maybe an image or two to humor my creative needs) and take my photo expeditions as explicitly that.

Can't end without sharing some OOC JPGs. The National Botanical Garden visit was definitely a "Photo expedition" and Muriel was OK with that, very helpful as a matter of fact, suggesting photo ops I missed and helping manage paraphernalia.

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