Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Re: Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

Aasmund G wrote:

You can use any APS-C lens on A7, so in that sense they are as native on A7 as on A6000 (albeit with lower resolution)

There are many reasons to go APS-C on E-Mount, and many reasons to choose a Nikon D3300 over a D610 for example, but not sure A6000 over A7:

- Slightly lower price

- Slightly smaller

- Faster AF under certain conditions (probably most, I dont know)

A7 advantages:

- Vastly better legacy lens compatibility

- Much cleaner output with most lenses

There are reasons to do either, but the notion that if you are a beginner you are better off with the A6000 argument is to me strange. As for me, I think the regular, clean, crisp, output that full frame gives with the majority of lenses in most circumstances is a pleasure. I never got that out of either my D40 or D5000 (both providing smudging of details even with top notch lenses at screen level viewing) maybe somehow the A6000 is better, but I would be surprised if most lenses really that level of sharpness.

I am in the camp that the OP would almost surely be better off with the A6000. I have the A7 and I sold my Canon 6D to get it. The A7's AF is considerably slower than what the A6000 will provide. That alone should make the A6000 a much better choice for many beginners coming from point and shoot cameras where everything is in focus (more or less).

I cannot imaging recommending a full frame camera for a relative newbie to photography. Then again, we have no clue what the OP wants to shoot and that would play into the decision of which camera is better. I guess I'd like to know why the Nikon system is not working because the OP said nothing about any deficiencies with the system; rather, the post just noted that A7 as seeming affordable. I guess people can choose any system for any reason, but more details being provided could potentially allow the community to provide some better feedback. Perhaps Sony doesn't have the best camera for the OP. Who knows at this point?

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