IR CP+ Sigma interview: Reason for lack of 3rd party lens support

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Re: IR CP+ Sigma interview: Reason for lack of 3rd party lens support

Dave Etchells wrote:

solarider wrote:

I'm chuffed that IR asked Sigma pretty much all of the questions I asked on their IR website. Very cool. Too bad that Pentax lenses are more complicated to make though. At least a little more understanding comes in from the interview.


Hi Nic -

Thank for the kind words. I really do try to bring our readers' questions to the various mfs, thanks for those you provided!

Just to be clear, the "more complicated" part with Pentax lenses was actually my misinterpretation of what Mr. Yamaki said. It isn't necessarily that they're more complicated, just that they're unique (same as Nikon, Canon, and Sony), so require their own production run. - And the lower demand means Sigma can't do production runs so often, especially for more obscure/less mass-market models. FWIW, I think Yamaki san is very sincere in saying he really wishes he could support Pentax more fully, but he's just faced with the economic realities of the situation.

- Dave E.

And as I'VE said, Dave, on numerous occasions before when folks have suggested this is the reason Sigma isn't making a lot of the more desireable mid-high-end lenses in Pentax mount (that there's not enough demand to make it a "viable run"), this is A DEFINITE CATCH-22 ARGUMENT!

So long as Sigma CONTINUES to deny Pentax shooters its 150mm and 180mm Macro lenses, F2.8 300mm lenses and so forth, there will definitely continue to be less demand for Sigma lenses from Pentax shooters -- especially if MOST of the Sigma lenses available have comparable Pentax lenses that are of better quality. Many shooters will even pay more for a Pentax-brand lens of equal quality to a Sigma lens, just because it IS a Pentax lens. But since Pentax isn't currently making things like an F2.8 300 or a 180mm F2.8 macro, it's a pretty safe bet that a great many Pentax shooters WOULD buy them if Sigma offered them.

Furthermore, now that Pentax has come out with what just about everyone in the industry is calling the BEST APS-C camera ever, it should be driving up sales of Pentax cameras, and consequently demand for lenses -- including potentially demand for Sigma K-mount lenses. And there ARE a fair number of PROS who shoot with Pentax, regardless of the lack of choice in some lens areas. Were Sigma to make at least ONE run (maybe on the FIRST run) of newer, better models -- they may be surprised at the number of Pentax orders they'd get.

Of course I'm well aware Sigma has records of sales trends going back many decades from which to determine various likely sales figures. Yet I still feel that as Pentax has come to lead the pack -- at least in the APS-C market, Sigma is just looking the other way. I can't help but think there are other factors at play in addition to just anticipated sales figures.

All this makes me think of the situation in some closed-shop union jobs, like dock workers in New York: you can't get a job there unless you belong to the union; you can't join the union unless you work on the docks. "Inside club?" Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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