A6000 Best Lens For Sports Photography

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Cricket: quite surprising a choice !! :)

Justin K wrote:

Cricket in Malibu CA wrote:

I shoot my daughter's soccer games. I have the a Tamron 18200 but it isn't a long enough reach. I just bought a Sony adapter version 3, plus a Sony 70-300 A mount. That works for me.

I need really fast focusing because these girls are all over the field and they run like the wind.

My combo Sony adapter plus 70-300 lens on my NEX 7, does the trick!

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Happy Shooting!
Cricket in Malibu

Do you have samples of these images? Would I be able to use the same adapter + the 70-300 A mount? Would this set up still take advantages of the hybrid af system? What are the reasons NOT to do this?

I assume that by "Sony adapter 3" you must mean LA-EA3? But is so, this is pretty surprising a choice: EA-1/EA-3 are using CDAF only, and on N-7 CDAF is terribly/frightfully slow - even for stationary targets, to say nothing about fast action shooting! Could you expound more?


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