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Re: Not the Kodak!

kodacolor wrote:

The Kodak SLR/n 14n has great ergonomics, they're similar using a Nikon D2/D3/D4 or a DSLR with a Grip.

They're similar to an N80 with a grip, because that's what they are. Compared to a D2, D3, D4 their ergonomics are terrible. Especially the combination of a shorter eye-relief finder and less ability to get close to said finder because of the thicker back assembly. There's a lack of orthogonality between the base film body and the digital "add on".

Their exposure metering, AF, and flash are all radically inferior to a D2, let alone a D3 or D4.

The unpleasantness most refer to in using the SLR/n is operates best in manual mode with little digital assistance.

I operated mine almost entirely in manual mode, so the unpleasantness has nothing to do with other modes. Your user name hints at a certain lack of impartiality in this area.

Making it reliant on the photographer knowing the controls. Its a lousy point and shoot camera. JPEGS can be very inaccurate in low light or shadows, its faster in raw anyway.

The 14n had quite a few problems and really limited the usefulness at times in a variety of situations. The 14nx upgrade or the SLR/n fixed most of those. Though a subsequent model could have been better.

When the light is good the SLR/n is stunning, its ISO range tops out at 400 though so indoor and other lower light situations are compromising. Studio light and bright daylight is what its likes best. A strong point is the long shutter and very low ISO night shots. A good fast lens helps lower light situations. The SLR/n almost always has a film like aura to its pictures and color.

Oh good grief. A "film like aura". Does it also have a rich full body with a hint of apricots and a finish with a touch of oak and spice?

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