Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: EXR versus X-Trans, or X10 vs X20

DMillier wrote:

Regarding non-EXR dynamic range "expansion", I don't see how this can be expansion at all.  It's just Active D lighting style dynamic range optimisation. There can be no DR expansion without some kind of hardware solution (EXR or the SuperCCD solution in the S3 and S5).

I can't agree with you there.  Here's the evidence (it's proof for me):

Both images exposed at 0EV - X10 using EXR Hardware (ISO100, DR400 and M size) while the X20 used EXR software (DR200 and ISO200 with ISO amplification/tone curve techniques) to give virtually the same highlight result via RAW.  The OOC JPEGs are badly over-exposed.

I look at highlight detail and clipping to compare results and set a comparison point.

Note X10 settings and the use of EXR Hardware - clouds are well revealed at DR400 with just a slight amount of clipping.

Amazingly the X20 gives very similar highlight results (also shot at 0EV) but by using DR200 and ISO200 - just look at the cloud detail and the slight amount of clipping.  I think there is nothing in it.

Think about those settings for a moment or two - the X10 must surely have a better noise level in the low lights.

But it doesn't.  Look at the floor in particular.

At ISO100 using Hardware EXR the X10 is noisier than the X20 at ISO200 using Software EXR.

Of course, this really should be a test of the X10 in M size EXR Hardware versus L size EXR software, but while I might have the images, I don't have the time to look for them.

Where is the dramatic difference that EXR hardware makes?

It does not exist.

And, for the record, I was a vocal EXR proponent back in Ocotber 2011 when I first trumpeted the advantages of EXR technology in this forum.

The question of whether EXR actually works seems to be hotly debated still. I'll make my own mind up about that in due course.

What do you think of that evidence?

It hasn't been rigged by me - I shot the scene (as an X10 enthusiast who had just bought an X20) in April last year and didn't know the results until I found time to analyse them 6 months later.

In one way I was surprised, but in another I was not. The X20 was obviously better as soon as I started shooting it.  But that's another story.

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