Investing in a 6D or 5D Mark III

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Re: Investing in a 6D or 5D Mark III

i already owned the 5D3 before the 6D came out. As a serious enthusiast(at the time learning the ropes on the way to making some income from photog.and only being interested in portraiture) I decided the 5D3 was too much camera for me as far as features I didn't need the time! Sold the Mk3 , bought the 6d and banked the change for my future glass forward 6months and I have now transitioned into becoming a full time jack of all trades photog. which includes many family portraiture, event and a little bit of sport for soccer moms kids shots....guess what!? - the 6D is now not pro enough a camera for a paid photographers tool, for one crucial reason...1 SD card slot!!....There's no way I can show up to a paid toddler birthday party and bank on 1 SD card not ever having a single problem(it's happened to me before) and having to tell a mom, sorry, but it was a faulty card-not my fault you have no memories of Johnnie's 2nd birthday party which was the last one grandma Thelma ever attended!. see what I'm saying? - I work in a tight nit community where word travels fast so one mom with a bad experience could do a lot of damage to a business......need that quicker AF system and 1/8000 shutter for some nice SDOF basically my BIG piece of advice is...if you are only ever going to be an ameteur   portrait shooter, then stick with the 6D as you can focus recompose but if you think your interest in subjects and type of photography may grow then plan for the future and if you ever are going to consider making a living out of it, then there's no question to be asked...The 5DMkIII is a PROFESSIONAL dslr.

I'm literally going out to buy the Mk3 tomorrow..Been loaning one for paid work for 2months!

6D on the market!

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