Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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X10 versus Nikon D200

DMillier wrote:

Looking at the files, I'm pretty confident that in 6MP mode + EXR DR400 at base iso, there is so little difference between the X10 and the D100/S5 pro that I wouldn't hesitate to use the X10 instead of one of the older DSLRs,

I'm sure that's true.

At normal screen sizes you won't see much difference, especially if you are not using a good quality lens on the Nikon.

And because the older DLRs are more than good enough for prints up to 12-13 inches wide to satisfy any pixel peeper that means as I won't need bigger prints that this, I can use the X10 with confidence and not feel I wish i have my XE1 or K5 with me.

I'm sure that is right, also.  The difference will occur in low light, or if you need to lift shadows.

Here is a comparison between the D200 and the X10.  The cameras were both set to be just not clipping highlights, and I lifted the lowlights so that we can easily see what the shadow noise is like.

As an aside there are vocal posters in here who assert that the X10 has 11.5EV of dynamic range.  By comparison the D200 only has about 9.5EV.

In use, real life if you like, the D200 still far exceeds the X10's ability in low light. If both cameras are set to reveal the same highlight detail just before clipping, how and where can the X10 possibly have more usable dynamic range?

Both shots ISO100, OOC JPEGs:

What's more, the D200 was shot at +0.3EV while the X10 was shot at +1.3EV and DR400.  That should give it a distinct adavantage but of course, because we are dealing with sensors of vastly different sizes, it doesn't.

Still cannot see where the X10 can have 2EV more dynamic range than the Nikon.  The tonal nuances definitely are not there to advantage...

Things might be different at larger print sizes or higher ISOs but I haven't tested those.

I might go out and test the X10's 6MP mode vs 12MP just to see for myself whether there is a significant difference...

Do that - it will be fun for sure. 

May I suggest that you choose a wide dynamic range subject which would normally exceed 0EV, otherwise EXR will not function or produce any advantage.  It only extends highlights in hardware mode.  It has absolutely no effect in lowlights that I can see.

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