Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: EXR versus X-Trans, or X10 vs X20

DMillier wrote:

You didn't answer an important question: when you shoot L and DR200%, does the ISO go up? Likewise, if you were to shoot at DR400 in L mode, the iso should go up to ISO 400 and you won't have iSO100 available to you.

Well, as we all know, when shooting in L size the ISO has to rise with DR settings.

It doesn't really seem to cause serious problems.

There are 2 ways to get extended highlight headroom - EXR hardware at half resolution and base ISO, and EXR software using increased ISO in L size to match DR settings.

The results are not all that different.

That is what you would expect if you were simply shooting in a highlight tone priority mode eg underexposing and lifting the curve to compensate. The extra highlight range comes at the expense of raised noise levels in the shadows.

This is what all non-EXR cameras do when offering expanded DR options, and as I understand it, it is what Fuji do too when shooting L mode.

The special EXR DR expansion hardware mode drops the resolution by half to M 6MP but does not raise the ISO at all.

Nonetheless, EXR is a bit of a kludge at best. As small sensor quality improves EXR will most probably be abandoned.

I have compared my X10 DR200 and DR400 shots, in both highlight and lowlight level details, with my X20.  The results have been shown on numerous occasions in this forum and I am happy to trot them out for you, or anyone else to see.

The later generation X20, with the same lens and same size sensor but using X-Trans technology outperforms the X10 in noise, and is probably indistinguishable in highlights.

E.g - The X20 at ISO100 and DR100 has very similar highlight results as the X10 using EXR hardware (DR200 and ISO100 in M size), but less noise and marginally better lowlights.

Again, the X20 at ISO200 and DR200 produces highlight results almost as good as the X10 using DR400 with EXR hardware (M size, DR400 and ISO100) and I just forget what the lowlights are like, but that is easy to check.  It's certainly not night and day in the X10's favour!

They are both great cams, but EXR does not give an extra 2EV of sensor dynamic range.  Only in the processing of the JPEG in-camera will there be a dynamic range advantage, but then the highlights are quite compressed, anyway, and so can lose much of their naturalness and/or colour/tonal accuracy.

To repeat, that same 2EV of extra highlight detail is also available from the X20 using EXR software (ISO amplification) techniques, with no readily discernible IQ loss anywhere.  Moreover, the X20 noise levels are better than the X10.

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