Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

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Re: Is the a7 as good as they say and what kind of lens cost am I looking at?

Northoceanbeach wrote:

I'm a beginner. I bought a nikon j1 and three lenses four months ago. I would like to upgrade to the v2 or maybe v3, but at v3 prices, the a7 starts to look really tempting.

is it really that good? One of the issues people complain about with the nikon 1 series is the small sensor, so full frame sounds great. Of course it would be a bigger system.

Ive ve seen the a7 body go for 1300 on ebay and 14-1500 with the kit lens. i would want three. Lenses to start out. What two make a good second and third? You have to use the new ones for the a7 full frame right? I mean, you can use the new, since they have the e mount, but then you lose the benefits of full frame?

is the kit lens good and. Are the other lenses a lot more than for. The nikon 1 series. For example I got a. Zoom for 250 and a prime for also 250. Thanks for you help.--

Yes, for ME, the A7 is THAT good.     The kit lens is great (for a kit lens) of the better ones I have used.

However, a lot of very talented and experienced photographers far better than I ever will be would/do find the A7 very frustrating due to lack of native lenses and other things.

IF you like using manual focus lenses and shoot in low light, you may well love it....otherwise, for now, I would suggest the A6000 might be a better choice in Sony mirrorless for you.

Again for ME it is that good, for you.....only you will know that....From the Nikon 1 system to the A7 might also a bit like going from one of the fastest focusing cameras to one of the slowest (not really but perceived to be) and does still take a while to start up and process a lot of photos.

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