Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

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Re: Anybody Like Windows 8.1?


I was using Adobe Photoshop CS4 with Windows 7 and 8 then I downlosded 8.1 . and went to create an account on Microsoft Website for getting improved Versions of W-8 , seems like this was easy enough but then I had some popup things on my screen . One trying to sell me cloud storage which I immediately closed , but instantly that triggered another window saying your patent drawings are being uploaded to some cloud storage , ( don't remember any name on the message , I closed that before I could read all of it and things refused to close I closed the browser but I don't think it closed either . I never use cloud storage .

I shut down the windows 8.1 machine by push button , and waited a minute then rebooted it . I was locked out of my own machine . stuck on a page with my email adress and a message " enter your password " .

Well I refused to enter my password , and kept trying every mouse movement I knew about using w-8 . No mouse Movement would wake it up .

I figured I had been hacked and my patent drawings were stolen .

Next morning I took the new machine back to frys and asked them to see what was wrong with it .

The tech plugged it in and told me to enter the password . I told him I did not have a password ( which I did not have ) . I always deliberately refused to start using any password to log in to my computer , I never did it .

He told me the only thing he could do was reset the computer . I said do it .

Did not know for sure that reseting meant wipe the OS , but it did . When it booter after about 25 minutes , it was back to w-8 and no added software .

This time everything works , Turbocad , Epson V330 photo Scanner , Epson Workforce 30 printer , but Photoshop CS4 will not start from a photo selection and there is no shortcut on the machine Desktop for photoshop , it is not even listed where Turbocad and my Epson Scanner and Printer is listed in All Programs .

I put the install CD in the machine and re-installed CS4 about 6 times tonight and nothing changed .

I uninstalled and re-installed several times and nothing changed .Each time I search for the repair option and it isn't there .

I will never know . But it seems likely that my W-8.1 was hacked and a password was placed where there was no password in the log on .

I havent had time to look for any ransome note in my email but I don't have much time after all of the problems I am having with w-8 and w-8.1 .

I am just in another battle with Google Chrome which a was using with w-7 and had no problems . Google wants me to create an account but it won't allow any log in setup I use . I thought I never created any log in with Google . anyway there is no solution for me until I can reach Microsoft for the Photoshop problem , and maybe they will say it's Adobe That is the problem , It Could be but it installed and ran perfectly in W-8 the first time , then again in W8-1 with no problem . Photoshop CS4 was working before the reset , now it won't install correctly and it will not start .

So , I guess I can say I am a jerk for buying a computer with W 8 and actually I don't believe this machine is out there with W-7 on it . What I mean to say is that now we need a log in password for everything we want to run on W-8 , ( chrome , Windows upgrades Who knows what all . W-8 took away my use of Microsoft Home Student Office which I had originally paid for . It is very plain , ( no apologies offered ) that Microsoft will not honor what they sell , and they will not sell a product anylonger , they will only sell a limited time license to use their apps and programs .

This is the main thrust of W-8 + 8.1 etc. Get used to it or look for Google Operating systems , Good Luck .

The W- 8 and the W-8.1 are both fighters They fight everything I try to do . I know I am Paranoid . Seems like someone doesn't want me to use this computer and they are in it and constantly changing things so I cant make them open or start .

I know this just isn't true , but I believe it anyway .


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